Sunday Summary, April 14th, 2019

One of these days I’ll post on time… I’ll try to keep it quick to let you know what I’ve been up to.

What I’m Watching:

High Score Girl 「ハイスコアガール」:


I actually found this show by accident by listening to the ending theme song (which is is posted below), but I decided to give the show a try and I ended up liking it so far.

This is a friendship/love story that circles around a boy who is **obsessed** with video games, and the girls that he ends up befriending. The animation is sub-par, but that’s kind of the norm when it comes to 3D animation from Japan. It also doesn’t detract from the story. That said, there are parts that are cliché, but I find it to be an interesting tale of emotion . As a bonus, you get interesting video game history and nostalgia.

What I’m Eating: Nama Yatsuhashi


This tasty treat is Kyoto’s specialty! Made from glutinous rice flour (like most Japanese desserts) and filled with anko (also like most Japanese desserts), this soft cinnamon-covered treat should be tried by everyone. It even comes in different flavors, like matcha (green tea) ichigo (strawberry) and many others.

What I’m Doing: Hanami (Cherry Blossom Picnic) 花見



Not my photos… sorry internet guy

Every year in Japan, usually in the first week of April, 桜「さくら」or cherry blossoms bloom all over Japan. As this is usually the time when weather starts changing to actually FEEL like Spring, it is also a Japanese tradition to go out and have a picnic in a park or under a cherry blossom tree so that you can enjoy the warm weather, good company, and pretty flowers. Even though hanami ( 花見「はなみ」) literally means “flower view”, it’s not a real hanami unless you have a picnic.

It’s one of the best reasons to visit Japan in the Spring. And the weather this year was exceptionally beautiful.

What I’m Reading/Studying: Shin Nihongo 500 Mon (New Japanese 500 Problems)


I got 99 problems, and this book holds all of ’em

I’m not actively studying for the JLPT, but it’s good to learn new words and grammar daily… or weekly… or monthly… Okay, I’ll pick up the book again at some point, but it does offer some good insight into the types of grammar questions and phrases put in the test.
If you are on a strict study regimen, this is one of the types of books you should use.

What I’m Listening to:

放課後ディストラクション (Houkago De(i)stru(a)ction)

After School Distraction/Destruction

The ending theme to “High Score Girl”:

Until next time, STAY AWESOME!


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