Watching the Election from Afar


The road to this presidential election has not been a fun one. I personally don’t have faith in either main party candidates. Not only that, but the spectacle on the presidential race has distracted from Senate , local races, and local bills that will affect people more than the presidential race will.

On top of that, people are actually destroying friendships over many of the issues that have arisen. It’s sad really.

But don’t worry! I have a perfect solution:


Until next time.

-Stay Awesome!

Getting to Tottori, Part 1

8:30 am


9:20 am


9:45 am


4:15 pm


5:45 pm


Some notes

8:30- I’ve been flying many times since 9/11 and this was the first time that I was held up by security.

9:20- This actually turned out in my favor, because the plane had to turn around for mechanical problems, so I was the first to get my flight rescheduled.

5:45- ANA may be the only company to do this. I’ve flown several international flights with American companies, and none of them gave out alcoholic beverages as normal faire.

Stay tuned for more adventures!