Japan is greedy as h**k with their ketchup.

There are few things that really irk me while living in Japan:
Japanese Cheese.
Being told my Japanese is good simply by my saying “Thank you”.
The wait time at a Docomo shop.

But today I want to talk about one thing that irks me in particular:

Ketchup. Continue reading

Natsukashii! (Nostalgic)

One of the terms you’ll hear a lot while living in Japan is 懐かしい (natsukashii) which means nostalgic or nostalgia. Think of it as a Japanese “I ‘member”!

Anyway, I was strolling through the second-hand store when I spotted these jewels:



It’s a shame that these games only work on the Japanese Super Famicom.
Sorry SNES owners.
Until next time, STAY AWESOME!

Ulterior Motives


In a country where it costs money to throw things away, you’ll be given a lot of secondhand items. Usually in decent condition! But if someone just gives you something it either A) Costs money to throw away or B) They don’t know which trash sorting pile it goes into.
Or C) They are authentically nice!
Until next time, STAY AWESOME!

Sunday Summary: July 7, 2019

Hey, long time no post!

Per this time of year, I’ve been really busy with the semester at University. But here’s what I’m up to…

What I’m listening to:
Sakanaction “Wasurenaino” (Can’t Forget)

Sakanaction is one of my favorite Japanese bands not only because of their catchy music, but because of their easy to follow lyrics which makes them great for learning Japanese. Continue reading