Christmas but Not


Having Christmas in Japan is expected to be different, but it’s also a bit frustrating if you want a more traditional Christmas.
Why? My reason for feeling so… because Christmas in Japan stops on Dec. 24th. That’s right. Christmas Eve is when all Christmas themed activities stop. Special light shows? Taken down. Christmas themed dinners in Supermarkets? Removed.
Even front page YouTube holiday suggestions for the Japanese market is nil.

This creates a feeling that Christmas and Christmas related activities are just chores. And more annoyingly a complete marketing gimmick.
It would be allowed if Christmas was a day off from work and a National Holiday, but no, all businesses are open, and if schools aren’t on Winter Break, they will be there.

So in short, it’s Christmas… but not.
At least I have my own Christmas music collection to lift my spirits.

Until next time, STAY AWESOME!



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