Our Apartment in Winter


Our 2LDK apartment tends to get very cold in the winter.
I know you’re saying ‘Well, duh, it’s winter!’ but  no, I mean these apartments take cold to a whole ‘nother level. The reason being Japaneese apartments aren’t as well insulated unless you live in the even colder northern areas. The second reason being there is no central heating.

The chart above is an explanation of where the heat in our apartment tends to be focused. Think of each zone as 15 degrees colder than the previous zone. This is the reason I bought some new pajamas from Osaka.
That and so I could say I have pajamas from Osaka.

Until next time, STAY AWESOME!

PS.:Here’s a video that sums up cold apartments in Japan perfectly. The title is “I Don’t Want To Leave My Futon”.
Some keywords to know: Samui(さむい)=Cold;  Toire(トイレ)=Toilet


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