New Year Happy Bags


New Years in Japan is atually one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year. Not only because most people have the day off, but because a lot of companies are clearing out their inventories so they hold huge sales.
But the best part of the new year shopping is HAPPY BAGS! These are bags filled with random items, usually uknown by the buyer, and they are offered at a big discount.

The bag I bought contained 5 items, supposedly worth 22,000 Yen (~$210):

Let’s see what I got: Tottori_Comic_035_Clothes

Not bad!
A) Thicker Sweater    B) White Button-Up Shirt   C)Long sleeve thermal style shirt

D) Sweater Jacket (My personal favorite)  E) (P)Leather Hoodie Jacket

A good pull, but clearly not as good as my wife’s (the comic’s accuracy is scarily close.

Until next time, STAY AWESOME!!!


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