Getting to Tottori, Pt 2

9:00 pm


11:30 pm – Staying the night in TokyoTottori_Comic_001-2If you aren’t a fan of enclosed spaces, Capsule Hotels are not for you. Otherwise, if you’re going to stay in one, don’t have a lot of luggage like yours truly.

5:00 am(Friday)Tottori_Comic_001-3

2:00 pmTottori_Comic_001-4Because United had accidentally scheduled my flight for time when I would literaly be unable to make it, the ANA people gladly rescheduled me. I just didn’t understand most of what they were saying.

5:55 pm


Long story short… I made it!



2 thoughts on “Getting to Tottori, Pt 2

  1. I’ve been on the road so I haven’t been able to see this, but I’m so excited that you are doing this! I’m glad you arrived safely, I hope you both have a wonderful time and I’m looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to 🙂 – Barbara Perales


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