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“Beware the stories you read or tell; subtly, at night, beneath the waters of consciousness, they are altering your world.”
— Ben Okri
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Japan is greedy as h**k with their ketchup.

There are few things that really irk me while living in Japan:
Japanese Cheese.
Being told my Japanese is good simply by my saying “Thank you”.
The wait time at a Docomo shop.

But today I want to talk about one thing that irks me in particular:

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Natsukashii! (Nostalgic)

One of the terms you’ll hear a lot while living in Japan is 懐かしい (natsukashii) which means nostalgic or nostalgia. Think of it as a Japanese “I ‘member”!

Anyway, I was strolling through the second-hand store when I spotted these jewels:



It’s a shame that these games only work on the Japanese Super Famicom.
Sorry SNES owners.
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