The Snuggle


If you’re familiar with Japan or Japanese culture, cat cafes are nothing new. But I’m glad to say(and Andrea is glad to hear) that they even exist here in Tottori.  With Andrea’s love of the feline kind, I know that we would eventually visit the cafe. And so we did!

All cafes will be unique to their areas, but in most of them you’ll find a wide open room with a large window to let a lot of light in. They have a good variety of cat breeds, but I noticed a lot of Exotic Shorthairs (most notable by their grumpy old man face).


“Mary, where’s my newspaper and pipe?!”

But all in all, it was a fun, and somewhat smelly experience.

But remember, wherever you go, The Snuggle Is Real.Tottori_Comic_014_TheSnuggleIsRealUntil next time, Stay Awesome!



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