Tottori Sand Museum

Kon’nichiwa from Tottori!

We recently made a trip to the Tottori Sand Dunes, but due to the rain we made a slight detour to stay dry, so we went to The Sand Museum (


A more accurate name of this museum would be the Sand Sculpture Museum, as it is centered around sand art that recreates scenes throughout the world and history. This year, I’m sure to help honor the Olympics, they have a South American exhibit in the Museum. This is a continuation of the theme they have of exploring different regions of the world.





“Conquistadora the Explorer”

The artwork is expertly done buy sculptors from all around the world. They carefully selected landmarks and scenes from history that they felt represent the culture, landscapes, and people of South America.




As someone who attends a lot of museums and art shows, I found The Sand Museum refreshing, both in content and in time consumption.

The ¥600 you pay to get in is well worth the couple of hours you spend walking around, and it still leaves you plenty of time to experience the Sand Dunes, or do some other exploration.

If you’re passing through Tottori, the Sand Museum is a must.



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