Welcome To Tottori Awesome!

Konnichiwa, everybody!

My name is Rinaldo, my wife, Andrea, and I just moved to Tottori, Japan. When most people think of Japan, they think of the sprawling metropolis of Tokyo, or of the serene view of Mt. Fuji. Tottori is different in the sense that the prefecture is the least populous in all of Japan, and it’s city center is not as big and spread out. It’s covered with some  of the largest natural areas in the country, and is more agricultural than technological.

However, there are many reasons to visit Tottori, and the cities and prefectures are full of hidden gems that you won’t find anywhere else in Japan. We’ll show you some of these sites, as well as some of the day to day shenanigans that follows foreign newlyweds trying to settle into a new home.

Thanks for visiting!

Ja Matta! (See you later.)


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