ABOUT ME: Well, hello there!
I’m open to new open to new opportunities to be creative and use my knowledge to help visualize and meet goals, whether it’s a personal project, commercial, or short film.
But really, I just like drawing and being creative.
I can be reached at RinaldoSt(at)live.com.

Motion Graphics
The thing I enjoy most about motion graphics is being given the chance to concept from beginning to end to allow a theme to carry through the 15-60 second clip. If I could have an opportunity to do a major project, I would love to create an opening sequence for a James Bond film (Casino Royale takes the cake).
Of course my tools include After Effects and Premiere, but on occasion, when 3D animation is required, I’ve tapped into Maya. I’m transitioning to Blender for 3D animation because, well, it’s free.


Most of the designs here were completed in Adobe Illustrator, with a few exceptions for Photoshop (PS handles filters and light rendering better while keeping file sizes manageable).
Many of these designs can be seen at my shirt website, shirtsforbandnerds.com.



I prefer to draw traditionally on paper and with watercolor, but client distance (and sometimes two-mindedness) makes working digially a must. When I do work traditionally, I use bristol paper with water color, or “comic paper” with felt tip pens and markers.

I also have comics that I post here on TottoriAwesome.com, but if political comics are more your thing you can take a look at MoreThanTwoChoices.Wordpress.com .


As I’ve said before, I thoroughly enjoy concepting an idea to hone it in, and coming up with new ideas to create a story or theme. Below are a few concepts that I just needed to get out of my head, including an idea for a music video for a friend of mine.